Team Camp: Florida


Our Multi Team Dream Camp Florida experience is hosted at Orange Springs Retreat Center.  We combine skill-focused training with unbeatable team building.  Whether your team is learning stunts, tumbling, or working on team building, your team will be growing together.  Due to the customized nature of camp we can facilitate both All-Star and Scholastic programs at the same camp!

Dates are July 30th – August 3rd .

Cost $450 per athlete, Coaches/Chaperones $275

2024 Florida Camp!

Orange Springs Florida

The Orange Springs Retreat Center is located in Orange Springs Florida.  The address is 168 Shalom Camp Trail, Orange Springs, FL 32182.  The Orange Springs Retreat Center is an expansive camp on its own private lake.  The lake has canoes, a swimming hole, and the FAMOUS blob.  Individual athletes will get to experience all camp has to offer during their 5 days of training.  Campers will stay in bunk style housing with the other individual athletes.  Camp size is limited to 150 team camp participants.

Orange Springs, 2024 Dates

Our 2024 Dates are July 30th through August 3rd!

Arrival is after 6pm on July 30th.  Departure is noon on August 3rd.

All Star Worlds Bids

Dream Camps is so excited to offer 2 At Large Bids to the All Star World Championships at our Dream Camps Florida Experience.  Teams hoping to earn an All Star World Championship bid must be on the competitive/Choreo track for camp.  Teams will be assessed on the last day of camp on the routine elements they have learned.  The top two scoring teams will awarded at large bids to the ASWC and be eligible for consideration for a paid bid.